Embedding CPython in Java. This allows Java programmers to use Python extensions, and it allows Python programmers access to Java code.


  • There is a lot of Java code in the world. As a Python programmer, I would like to write Python to use Java code. For example, there are some databases that are very difficult to use with Python, but Java has JDBC drivers for nearly everything.
  • Or I might have a project in Java that needs a good scripting language. Python is perfect for that.
  • Or a Java programmer might want to use the many excellent Python extensions and its enviable data progressing abilities.

How does it work?

Jep is a small C layer between Java and Python. It creates objects that look and appear as normal Python objects in the interpreter. It acts a lot like Jython, but instead of rewriting the entire language for Java, it simply reuses the real Python interpreter.

How to install?

Jep is installed using pip. Please see Pypi or the github repository for more information.