Easy Cheese

I worked on this project at the PyCon 2012 Sprints. Even though there wasn't anything listed for him, I introduced myself to Richard Jones and asked if I could help with PyPi. He had seemed stressed and I didn't have anything else to work on.

He said no. :-)

That was awkward but Richard is a actually a really nice guy. He wound up giving me a project he had started but hadn't had much time to complete: a website to generate setup.py scripts for Python projects.

Python projects that are distributed using PyPi will need to have setup.py scripts to describe the project. After reflecting on what was already there, I thought it would be useful to add the ability to pull git and mercurial repositories and generate setup.py scripts using the actual project code.

Easy cheese is the easiest way to get a project packaged for the Cheese Shop (PyPi). It will read public repositories and generate a sensible setup.py, and will prompt for any details it wasn't able to discover.